Friday, November 21, 2008

Countless Angels

This morning I woke up after 11 hours of somewhat solid sleep feeling immensely better, partly just because I was convinced that I wasn't going to die in South Korea. I ate real food (cereal's about as real as it gets!), took my medicine punctually, and let everything do its work. I had to fight the strong urge to call my mother at two in the morning her time to inform her that my heart rate had dropped to what it had been two days previously.

While I could sit up, I feared an afternoon of hobbling around might cause a repeat of Wednesday's events, so I took the day off and started downloads of stuff for the weekend. I even showered before going to the doctor's, and put away two big bags of groceries that Chief Getter of the Shoe brought me. I think it's kind of funny that I asked for 3 boxes of crackers and got the tiniest, healthiest-looking things I've ever seen, and asked for 6 bananas and got 15. I'm seriously not complaining; I think it's kind of cute/funny.

So we're off to the doctor's again, and I'm kind of scared because of how hard it was yesterday, even though I do feel better. While I'm getting out of the van, I get a small crowd of people, and one Korean man asked, "How can I help you?" To be honest, I was so distracted by his good English that it made the task at hand a lot easier. I hoisted myself up while complimenting him and eased into the wheelchair. Troy scooted me up to see the doctor, a man this time, who checked everything out.

I got a little more information from him. While my heart rate is back within normal limits (hallelujah), I am still on medicine for my "left veet," which I can only guess means left ventricle. I still don't know the reason, but to be honest I don't care. So long as it's fixed. Well unless it's something I'm doing, then I'd like to know so I can stop. Considering what little I do with my leg in its current condition, I doubt it's me. :)

After the appointment, I got more ginseng drinks handed to me at the pharmacy. -.- I am not a fan, but you have to be polite. Troy wheeled me basically around a block and it was the most exhilarating thing I've done in almost a month. This week it's a goal to make it to a galbi restaurant to meet Ash's friend Cait (Cait and Kate gets sticky fast), but I think this weekend I might just take a small stroll. The fresh air really was wonderful.

Coming home, Troy and I did our usual good byes (he gets me out of the van and drives off to a fabulous night of doing something fun while I play a familiar game of, "now how did I get up the stairs last time?"). While I was starting up the stairs, I heard someone, so I moved over since it takes me forever. Out of habit I greeted, "Hello." The dark-haired stranger replied, "Oh, I didn't know there were any other Miguks (Americans) living here." What's weird is he said Miguk when he just so obviously was not an American, but who cares. He was dreamy~ He offered assistance, but again it was just so nice to hear English I didn't even care.

That basically brings us to our current time and place. I am sitting on my throne of a bed, pleased as punch that I have a certain amount of energy, and eagerly awaiting the result of my x-rays.

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