Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love Tracy.

My favorite college roommate, Tracy, and I spent three hours covering our four years of college together the other night. Mostly it involved a lot of food, alcohol, and toilet paper, but we forgot something very important.

This is for you, Six.

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Tracy Paige said...

Oh my gosh how could we have possibly forgotten about cheeze its!!!!??? I feel so remiss. Though I do still think we covered many bases with the Sean Kelly's fantastic chips and our get away to Paradise Falls. You do realize we are going to have to get together and at least do half of the adventure we have planned. Screw boys, family, and other friends... this is going to have to be our thing!

Tracy Paige said...

ps... we always shared the cheeze its! Thats the kind of friends/roommates we were. *big huge grin*