Friday, December 12, 2008


Today has been the long-awaited day. Five weeks and five days ago, I sat at my desk for the first time with my broken leg and I wrote a 6 on today's date, marking the exact forty-second day when the green machine could be removed. I am relieved. While it came four hours later than I had hoped (okay--two weeks and four hours), that only added to the pleasure of being summoned to the back room, having the saw prepared again, and the doctor making faces as he tries to speak English.

My leg has healed very well, and after a week or two in a splint while the muscles grow re-accustomed to walking I won't need the crutches anymore. In about six weeks, I can expect the muscles to have repaired themselves and the bone will be 80% reconstructed bone. I anticipate this six weeks will go more quickly than the last six, and probably with fewer death-like experiences.

I find it mildly amusing that I was able to walk around my apartment better when I had the cast on compared to now, but that will change.

Over the last six weeks, as readers know, I have learned many things.
-My mantra lately has been, take life one day at a time.
-Also recommended is staying up late or getting up early, whatever it takes, to stay in contact with friends and family, regardless of how far away they are--even if they just live upstairs.
-Always walk conscientiously. You never know where there will be a misstep.
-It's okay to use the kindness of strangers--and friends--from time to time.
-Skittles are a really good placebo.
-One should never order the same pizza five times in a week. That's just sick and wrong.
-Even when I am desperately bored, I would rather surf Facebook for the tenth time that day than study Korean, start my novel, or look into learning anything about medicine.

I'm not sure what to make of the last one exactly, but I think it says something about what motivates me. I love people, and I love the idea of being one of those noteworthy minds--but I don't what it takes to follow through right now. Fortunately, that's far off into the future. Tonight, I have a taxi to find and a steak to consume. God bless.


Miss Chris said...

Merry Castmas! Hope the steak is everything you dreamed of and more! The counselor in me is loving your insights about yourself and think you are on the verge of a major personal breakthrough!!! (as if making the decision to teach English half way round the world was not enough of a finding yourself experience!)

Julie (It is.) said...

What Miss Chris said :) (OK, so I'm not a counselor... but the mother in me is enjoying the insights as well, especially as I know how hard-won they have been) Love you!

Tracy Paige said...

Funny how life itself is a teacher eh. So glad you have your cast off and don't worky the splint time will go by fast. Love you Kati!