Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Two Shoes

For the last two months, I have worn one shoe, the right shoe, and it has taken its toll on my white sneaker. It's been the one to step through puddles and forced out into the cold each morning. Soon this should be remedied. Yesterday I went to the doctor's again, and after the usual X-rays, the doctor was pleased with how the break is healed. He looked at me quizzically, saying, "I'll take the splint today. Where is your shoe?" Haha, I knew if I had brought it he wouldn't take the splint, so I didn't bring it!

I got home to take off the splint and to put the shoe on, but considering my ankle was the size of my knee, I wasn't able to get my foot into my shoe. This was a little disappointing, but having the clearance to wear the shoe when it fits, that's exciting. After another cold shower (sigh), I got ready to go to a Christmas party at ECC. Unfortunately, finding a taxi on my street can be a challenge; 45 minutes after the party already started, the taxi I did find deposited me safely in the neighborhood. I was late, but I was there!

There was all sorts of fun to be had. Anne cooked chicken soup (it had rice and other delicious things) and bulgogi and prepared the stuff to make your own gimbap. I stuck to the chicken soup, which was wonderful, and sat on a chair like a princess while watching people try to learn a type of Korean poker.

This was thoroughly confusing, so we moved on to a game that involved throwing four sticks and counting points based on how they landed. This one was enjoyable--possibly because I was (fortun-ately) on the winning team both times. The second game involved getting your back beat in case you lost--which the boys did, and the beatings were pretty funny--I can't imagine a game ending back home with everyone getting slapped on the back.

All in all I had a great time, got home (Troy took me home; the irony was not lost), unwound, and have spent the day relaxing (a.k.a. trying to get my ankle's swelling to go down, I want to wear shoes!) Here's to lazy Saturdays spent with Mythbusters.


Tracy Paige said...

Awww you look so happy Kati. Thats just awesome. Glad you had fun at your party. Still not so sure about a game where you get beat up in the end but oh well... cultural differences right? Love you!

Julie (It is.) said...

Aww, Goody Two Shoes! (har har)