Tuesday, December 9, 2008


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I have an ITCH on my left ANKLE and the CAST doesn't come OFF until FRIDAY.

"Kate, for the love of God, stop whining!"

But... but... okay.

But I am missing the Thursday field trip to see what a traditional Korean green tea ceremony is like. There are positives to missing a trip like that the day after the cast comes off (e.g. chasing kids = bad, big step into bus = bad, probability of floor sitting = high), but I wanted to see something Koreany.

Grumping concluded.

In other news, my sister's started a sort of "finding herself" blog, having recently ended a long-term relationship. For those interested, she can be found here.


Julie (It is.) said...

1.) Sorry about the field trip and the cast. At least Friday is coming v. soon.
2.)Climbing out of a fish tank is never as easy as you might think, especially wearing a wet fur coat.
3.) I think it's more of a "finding the Molly that Trevor really wanted" sort of blog right now, but I have hopes that it will develop into a "Will the Real Molly Please Stand Up" sort of blog. Kinda like the big sister version.

Love you :)

Miss Chris said...

Grump all you want. Sometimes a good grump makes it all better. Stopped by Molly's blog, hope her heart is on the mend soon.

Molly Joy said...
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