Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just a quick note before I resume my previously-scheduled TV watching. (It's been six weeks--there are silly Korean game shows to be watched! And surely Mythbusters has a new episode out?)

1) I could get used to the applause every time I walk. :)
2) If my kids can applaud me walking, maybe I could throw them a bone whenever they scream, "FEENEESHED!" (Finished, for those who missed the post on Konglish.)
3) I am sitting in my house (haha, my house) with a technically still-broken leg, have to take a taxi everywhere ($5 a day just to get to and from work), can only stand about forty minutes of grocery shopping before needing to call it quits, and still I feel zen. I am mellow. I am happy. I am peaceful. It's amazing what a difference not hating your job makes in one's life. It's amazing what a difference loving your job makes in one's life.
4) My kindergartners are as sad to graduate and leave me as I am. Fortunately, they remembered they're going to enroll in afternoon classes, and we were all a lot happier at that discovery.
5) Today, my demon child was the one applauding me, and the one most upset about me not being his teacher anymore. I sit here quite touched.
6) Aidan, the little sneak, was counting in English during playtime.

Just when you have the world figured out.

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Julie (It is.) said...

Go Aidan, Go Aidan, Go Aidan!

Shopping for 40 minutes is SO much better than zerio :)