Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sara is Wonderful

I had a busy day that was wonderful and took many awesome photos, but it's 3:22 a.m. and I need some sleep. Before I sleep, I need to inform the world of what a sweet girl Sara is. She sent me a care package of Christmas cookies. She has mastered the art of toaster ovening and sent me sugar cookies and a bunch of other stuff (but those are the ones that matter--and are already gone). I feel quite speechless over her thoughtfulness, and I don't really have a mountain from which I can thank her (not that I could climb it, even if I did) but I have this here blog that at least four people read regularly so... Thanks, Sara. You're a doll! (And the cookies were frosted very well, Mrs. F!)


James H. said...

Cookies rock!

Sues said...

Your entry today brought tears to my eyes - I'm not joking!! I think I was actually more jealous that you're there experiencing a "different Christmas"! I just loved the video of the kids performance - showed it to Mel! We both had big smiles! I know CHristmas is probably over there already, but MERRY CHRISTMAS KATE!!! Miss you!