Wednesday, December 3, 2008

IV Dinner

Today I went back to the doctor for the third day to get more antibiotics for the tonsillitis. Instead of the shot in the butt, there's a more potent and direct option: IV! Yesterday they hooked me up, and 15 minutes later sent me home with already less-painful tonsils.

Less painful did not necessarily mean less gaggy.

So, today I go back having not eaten anything for 48 hours, and the doctor basically looks at me like I'm retarded. "That will slow healing." So, with my antibiotic cocktail, they added some nutritional supplement in a bag.

It was $12!

I realize that's nothing to complain over. But in the land where lunch usually costs me $3, and a doctor's visit on its own is about $3, why would a bag of nutrients be $12? (I really am amused by it, not complaining.)

This morning I was being hard on myself for giving into the frustration and losing my sunny disposition. As I came home today, though, I realized I made it through a day of no sleep and no food, great illness and a (still) broken leg. It'll all be okay if I'd just let it, eh.

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Julie (It is.) said...

Glad you feel better :)