Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life Imitating Art

Well, maybe calling my teaching style "art" is a little exaggerated, but as I look around at my day-to-day life, I see myself beginning to take on certain traits, or develop certain traits further, that one may associate with a six-year-old. (On January 1, 2009, my beloved babies of Koala and Swan classes will turn eight years old, but western age they're still six since they were all born after 1/1/02.)

Most recently what I see is a tendency to play hard until I crash. Last night I went out to dinner with the guys (and Heather, hi, Heather!), and initially I went to the wrong one. I walked all the way there and back, then had to go to a place reeeally far away. I took a taxi there just so I could be on time to get some meat (mmmm galbi) and walked home very slowly, stretching out my calf muscle with each step. It was great, but a lot of movement. When I got home, though, I was on the high of having been out in the cold air and moving a lot, so there was a lot of bouncy and annoying chat about comic book characters (who is inherently good, Batman or Superman), and at exactly 12:47 a.m. crashed in a ball on my bed.

My poor Tuesday/Thursday kids are kind of the same way. They will come into my class after having been at kindergarten all day (Korean kinder), and after the initial excitement of coming in and getting ready for class passes, one or four of them all begin to do the nod, sometimes actually hitting their foreheads on the table. Poor little guys.


Julie (It is.) said...

Awww. Poor babies! They need coke and candy!!!!!!!!!!

James H. said...

I think I just did that today at work. Still a little groggy.