Saturday, December 13, 2008


Those who have been following my blog for a while (aka since before I broke my leg and could go out to eat) know the joys of galbi. Tonight I ventured out into the world and embraced the galbijjim, a stew made from the same meat and using the same flavors as galbi.

Can you say heaven? Just look at that perfectly stolen image. (Thanks Wikipedia!) In addition to the meat, they have the rice cakes (sticky fat noodle-like things), slices of sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms (promptly set aside), and some red and green pepper slices. The broth makes for some excellent rice-dipping. There were probably twelve side dishes, but I'm just not used to eating the side dishes with my meal, unless it's kimchi. Yum. It's one of the more expensive dishes (the giant bowl plus six sodas thoroughly fed three of us for $44), but it's something that reminds us all of home and really sticks to your ribs. (Get it? They use rib meat in the stew. Oh nevermind.)

More exciting was afterward! The guys got me to a corner close to my (borrowed) apartment, and I walked from there. I definitely had my crutches with me to keep me from falling over, but I didn't need to use them. I walked slowly, took in the sights, paused to make sure I was okay--and I was. I walked! Hallelujah.

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Miss Chris said...

SHE WALKS!!!! Hallelujah is right!