Friday, December 5, 2008

"Light Standing" Clearance

Chief Getter of the Shoe has been too busy for me to go to PT, so today I kind of ... snuck there. Or rather, while he was out being someone else's errand boy, I told the front desk I was going to go to PT, and I'd call when I was done.

So I go, and I'm quite proud of myself for almost making it on my own. (Swinging doors are still tricky!) I get settled in, go through the knee spa, and just as I'm nodding off Dr. Stoic pops his head in. I've been found! "You, x-ray after here. First floor." Damnit. And then in case I was deaf, Dr. Tickles pops his head in. "You, x-ray after here on the first floor." Well, at least he used another preposition.

Hobble hobble hobble, slight wondering over radiation exposure and poison limits, new x-ray tech who HITS MY LEG WITH THE X-RAY (good thing it's healed, eh), more hobbling, waiting, toddler staring, and it's my turn to be seen. The x-ray has officially looked the same to me for two weeks (really emphasizing to me that my career choice in coloring over med school was probably appropriate), but apparently there's new bone growth.

The real bummer part was, I had thought, "Well there's technically five days left but MAYBE he'll take it off," which snowballed into all sorts of plans of packing and moving back to my apartment and getting to go out this weekend to celebrate Heather's birthday and getting a real dinner and so forth. ... WRONG! But after further x-rays on Wednesday (total: 60+ x-rays in Korea, only been here four months!), he'll take the cast off. And if he doesn't, he's going to be admitting a crazy person back to the third floor, because I agreed to 4 to 6 weeks. (Actually, in my heart, I agreed to four weeks, and that's kind of been shot to hell. And let's face it, I thought I was the mob boss of New Jersey--I really am starting to lose my marbles.)

Apparently after I get the cast off I'm going to have to exercise a lot. Considering one of my favorite daydreams is about using the cross trainer at the gym, I just don't see that as being a problem. What? Walking a distance further than one hundred feet? Well duh, I have a dinner ticket for Christmas and two flights of stairs to get up! Gotta start getting in shape!

Just as I was leaving the office, he told me I could stand a little on my leg. Which is good, considering I have been anyway. I think I'm seeing why it may have taken six weeks instead of four.

In other news, I am no longer dying of tonsillitis, and I ate real food today. (Real food = ramen. It's like college 2.0!) One quick observation, and I'm off for a rough evening of "bumming." I've never been one for great excitement before an event; getting this cast off, though, has instilled in me greater hope, excitement, and anticipation than I can recall, and while those feelings exist because of something negative, in and of themselves they are really good things to feel.

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Tracy Paige said...

Ramen =college 2.0... sorry that was just too funny! I am glad you are feeling better and the cast is soon to come off. Then you can get back to dancing and causing mischeif and mayhem around S. Korea *grins*