Monday, December 8, 2008

I like kimchi.

It only took four and a half months, but I can say it loud and proud: I like kimchi. I love it when it is homemade in small batches and the bites are small enough so that I can maneuver it into my mouth with chopsticks without getting the red stuff on my face. For those who are unaware, kimchi is cabbage fermented with spices--spicy spices. I've had kimchi so hot that I was left gasping. It was a way the Koreans preserved cabbage so that they had a vitamin-C source all winter long.

In general it is served cold as one of many side dishes. You can also have kimchi soup (kimchi jiggae) which is spicy and delicious. It really clears up any head cold or chest cold or wild hair you may be suffering from.

To recover from this new found love of kimchi, Heather and I split a pizza. Huzzah!

A note: I was not just eating kimchi. I was eating kimchi, ramen, and rice. I took a bite of rice, dipped it in the broth, ate the bite, used my chopsticks to get noodles onto the spoon, take the bite, eat a little kimchi. The lunch lady said some stuff to Megan, and it involved my name, so I asked what, and she said that I eat very prettily. Makin' my dad proud, even on the other side of the ocean.

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Miss Chris said...

I have always been curious about the jarred kimchi I have seen at the grocery. But I am such a weenie that I don't eat anything that is any spicier than the mild version of Pace picante sauce!!