Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kate Teacher's Halloween

Last night I made a very important discovery: my ladybug hat. Four days before Halloween, I discovered this truly amazing and perfect hat at a costume shop. I had announced I was going as the Grouchy Ladybug (a character from a children's book), and low and behold--there was the perfect hat! I bought a red mask to go with it, and had my outfit prepared. In addition to the perfect hat, I had hundreds of little toys to give out to my kids (thanks, mom). And then, in case you are new, I broke my leg. What the heck!

Well. Today, there was much ladybug hat wearing. I put it on before I left the house, and I didn't take it off until I was back home--much to Heather and Mel's amusement. My kindergarten kids went bananas when they saw it! "Kate teacher, Kate teacher, LADYBUG!!" It's like I was Santa Claus... well, except not.

A pretty cool part of my day was walking into my first class, and having the nine kids applaud me as I walked in. These kids are just great, and it breaks my heart to know they'll grow into teenagers who won't love me anymore, haha. The whole afternoon was great, passing out the Halloween toys (spider rings, fake tattoos, and puzzle books), and learning our lessons for the day. (Christmas is ON December 25th, bacon bagel hash brown potatoes muffin oatmeal omelet scrambled eggs yogurt, there AREN'T ANY geese in the barn.)

I got applauded for walking. Haha.