Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today I was going through pictures and organizing and uploading and blah blah blah. (By the way, I use "blah blah blah" so often in class that my kids now use it. Appropriately, too.) I found the first picture of me in Korea. I'm gross from being sweaty and hot and holding a stupid box of cookies ("Collon Cream" hahaha), and I couldn't believe how... big I was. Confused, I flipped back to a recent photo I took of myself in a mirror, and went back and forth a few times.

By George, I think I've dropped forty pounds!

To be honest, I don't know what to say. Broken leg sucked, but maybe that's what I get for pleading with God to help me lose weight. :) With this realization, another one follows: I weigh what my driver's license says! Haha. How many people out there can say that?

It's been an 18-month process, but all-in-all I'm down about sixty-five pounds. It's not the fast results I've always wanted, but a slow walk towards losing myself--and then finding myself. I feel quite optimistic about how things will go when I can walk again.


Tracy Paige said...

Thats awesome Kati. I'm super proud of you. I know (from very personal experience as you know) how tough it can be to lose even a lb so a total of 65 in 18 months is fabulous. Congrates!!!

James H. said...

Kate you rock and are really becoming motivation for lot's of folks...well me anyway.

I'm so proud of you!!!

TLL484 said...

I'm so proud of you. You're awesome. See the blessing in disguise (disguised as an annoying broken leg and green cast). :)

Miss Chris said...

Wow, that is a phenomenal feat! I hope you are really proud of yourself!! What an amazing journey you have been on!

Sues said...

That's awesome! Most people would have eaten their way through the broken leg!!! Keep it up girl!