Monday, October 13, 2008

10 things about my night.

After a month of failed attempts to meet up, Ross (not Nike) and I met up in front of a local bookstore. Tracy can testify, I can gush about this ad nauseum, so to prevent losing readers (hi dad!) I have decided to pull a Letterman and give my top 10 things.

10. It was a real date: boy pays for dinner and movie! (I think first instance of this ever...)
9. He picked a movie that he knew was an American movie so I'd understand it.
8. He was so nervous that his hands shook for the first hour and a half.
7. His teeth are perfect! And he's a snappy dresser.
6. He lives on his own, has a car, and a steady job. (Most people live with their parents until they get married--at age 30-32!!)
5. He chose the name Ross after the Friends character--the smart, funny scientist, because Joey is too foolish.
4. He plays guitar--in a K-pop cover band.
3. His English is wonderful!
2. He volunteered in China.
1. His third language is German. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And this is why I didn't get any letters written yesterday.


Julie (It is.) said...


Julie (It is.) said...

Am I slow or what? Just realized this is all green...

Shrek totally approves.

Tracy Paige said...

Love the top 10 concept
*big grins*

James H. said...

So happy for you!!!

Miss Chris said...

That is wonderful! I love real dates where the boy pays!!!! I also love smart boys and he sounds like one!