Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sick :(

For the second time, now, I am sick in Korea. My tonsils are swollen, even one of my lymph nodes aches every time I swallow, talk, or smile. Today I decided to actually try and remedy my situation, so I wandered to my nearest pharmacy where I used my nifty new cell phone to call Alex Teacher, who relayed my symptoms to the pharmacist who gave me 3 packages of pills to use for the next day; apparently, if your symptoms last longer than a day you need to go to the doctor.

Unfortunately, the term "doctor" does not mean the same in Korea as it does in America. To go to the doctor here involves going to the hospital. While I am not inherently afraid of hospitals (I volunteered long enough to prove to myself that they are fun and often a source of good candy), the thought of going to a hospital in a foreign country for an average sore throat leaves me a little uneasy.

In other news, I bought a yo for my bed. A yo is the typical floor mat that people sleep on in lieu of a bed; my intentions are to use it to make my bed less satanically hard. As I was waiting for the bus to take it home, a taxi took one look at me, flipped a u-turn, and in a split second I was standing and ready to go. Apparently when you read minds, it doesn't matter what your first language is.

So now I am safely at home with my yo and new pink tea kettle lacking just one thing, really: tea. So, with Ashley's volunteering to take me along to Seomon market (the third largest open-air market in Korea), I am off for a bit of shopping.

To be continued...


Tracy Paige said...

sorry to hear you are feeling crummy Kati. Hopefully you'll get some liquids in you and take your pills and you'll be good as gold again.

Julie (It is.) said...

pink tea kettles and yos. Does life get any better?

Well, ok. Ibuprofen, lol!