Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a great date!

Yesterday, after a pleasantly lazy day, I met up with one of my co-workers, Alex, for a girl's night, and we had so much fun. It started at 6 and ended at 5--not too shabby by any standards. It started with dinner, where I was served my bulgogi rice with the rice on the plate and the meat & juices in a gravy boat. Confused, I looked around to see if I could just dump everything onto the plate when I saw a table of Koreans staring at me. Self-consciousness turned into self-righteousness and I up-ended the gravy boat over the rice. It made such a delicious mess.

After accidentally insulting the owner by calling his food expensive (which it was, and he marked up the cost of the iced tea by about 900%), we headed off to watch Mamma Mia!, which was better than I expected. I didn't know Pierce Brosnan could sing (and its quality is debatable), but I was entertained the full two hours. Sometimes I was the only one laughing in the theater, but I'm going to pretend it's because the subtitles weren't keeping up with the colloquialisms.

After the movie, we hit up a singing room. I thought it was like an open karaoke bar, so I was really nervous, but after paying a man led us to a room not too different from a DVD room, actually, except with a comfy bench around a table where Alex and I had our own machine. No one watching! I still felt a little silly not knowing any of the songs--even though they were from America--but it was a really, really fun time. I managed to get a perfect score on Obladi Oblada!

By the time we were done partying like rock stars, it was late enough to commence with typical weekend activities. We caught up with Mel and Ashley at Ping where many silly photos were taken, and off for dancing until far too late. Now it's Sunday afternoon, and my laundry beckons. Time to return to real life.


Miss Chris said...

Why is it always laundry that pulls us back to real life! Glad you had fun!

James H. said...

That totally reminds me of the movie, "Lost in Translation".