Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3rd Date


So a few times this weekend Ross (aka DVD Room pervert) called and texted and IMed me out of missing me. And given that the conversations didn't include invitations to DVD rooms or, well, anywhere--which lent authenticity to the statements of missing. Going with my new-found motto of "Nobody's perfect" (thanks, mom!), I figured I'd give it another shot.

Tonight I met him downtown again, and I think it's a little funny that he was wearing the same outfit as the first time we went out. He thinks it's funny that I scream like a little girl when I'm startled, so he snuck up behind me. After procuring a frog-styled replacement for my broken panda sleep mask, he took me out to dinner. I would love to say that we just went and walked around the Memorial Park again, but unfortunately there was a bizarre shopping trip in the middle of it.

On our way, we passed a denim store, and I was walking along, kind of glad to be familiar with a section of town when there was a jerk on my hand. He was pointing up expectantly like, this is where we need to be. With a small, nervous smile, I followed him in to this tiny store where every inch held some slightly-faded treasure for some skinny-ass Korean to come buy. I was kind of smirking and whipped out my little notebook to write down some critical witticisms. Three pages later, I heard my name and looked up at a decent Korean Urkel impression: kind of tight, high-water jeans with a flannel shirt and sweater vest. It was actually kind of endearing.

Fortunately, the store had a longer pair. After honestly answering, "Are they comfortable?" the jeans were (thankfully) handed back to the store clerk and we were off for the walk and talk. Talking has become easier--I go slower and use smaller words, and I think he's growing accustomed to the times when I don't speak slower.

It was a good time, and Sunday we're going to an amusement park. Maybe. I'm a bit afraid my large American butt may break the tiny Korean wooden roller coaster. We'll see.