Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3:12 a.m.

My beautiful, darling friends here in Daegu just pounded on my door shouting my name and ringing my doorbell loud enough to wake the dead. About three minutes later, I finally realized that a level 3 hurricane was going by my window and awoke to the mass confusion. Heart pounding, I ripped out my ear plugs and weakly croaked into the phone, "Hello?" fearing the police had discovered my use of illegal garbage bags. "IT'S TIME FOR MCDONALD'S!" aforementioned friends screamed. Insert the unintelligible, and I stumbled to my door to meet them, having the forethought to bring along Mel's prized mints.

Opening the door, I thrust them into her arms amid squeals while Ashley stepped in and looked me right in the eye. "It's time for McDonald's, man!" The snowman pajama defense received mild reproach ("I'm wearing MY pajamas!"), so with a quick wardrobe change (too quick--was wearing a hoodie without a shirt underneath), we braved the frigid Daegu night air (still 57 degrees, haha).

The walk was one of the better ones I've had. Ashley and Mel, from what I can tell, had a bottle of fun on the bus and several cocktails while chilling downtown. After being driven home, "Sugar Mama Ashley" needed to treat Mel to a Mini Mac. Even though they were already past my house, they walked back to get me and bring me along on the adventure. It was pretty great. They tried to share the same mp3 player (unsuccessfully) and shared the songs with the rest of the world with surprisingly good tone considering the amount of alcohol and the late hour.

Two Mini Macs and one Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap, five packets of ketchup, one not-included large fry and one medium Coke later, and Sugar Mama Ashley had her girls well-treated--despite stealing Mel's burger for the second time that night.


Tracy Paige said...

awesome... that sounds like something we would do. Good friends good friends *nods in appreciation*

Shanners said...

Hello, I am not a stalker! :) I am another follower of your saga from Hummie's World. I feel like I practically know you through your Mom's posts - but even better now that I just read some blog posts. You crack me up!!! I'm glad you're enjoying your time away from home, and I hope you're feeling better soon.
PS - thanks for getting Miss Chris back into the blogging world! :)