Wednesday, October 8, 2008


While messing around on the internet doing God only knows what (well, God and Firefox's browser history and whatever South Korean government agent assigned to monitor my "foreigner" activity [I SEE YOU KIM-PARK-LEE!!]), I started goofing off on Amazon to see what bits of American culture I was missing out on.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered this image (on my recommendation list!!!!!), whose description was hidden by the bottom of the screen. To all of those who did not attend a public university with b-r-o-t-h-e-l-s (I believe that's the proper spelling for fraternities), that little blue package really only reminds me of a condom wrapper. There, I said it. I am a little embarrassed that my mind was not focused on holier thoughts from above, but it's the truth. Wondering what retard at Amazon would be stupid enough to recommend condoms, I did scroll down to discover it was in fact a package of starter yeast for yogurt.


So how about them Broncos?


Tracy Paige said...

Well if it makes you feel any better CONDOM was the first thing I thought when I saw the picture as well. Great and disturbed minds think alike. Woo hoo. And by the way the broncos are now 4-1 for the regular season... meaning they are ranked #1 in their conference. Woo hoo.
Love ya and get to feeling better,

James H. said...

So you're tellin' me that isn't a CONDOM wrapper?

And what's with all of the capitalization for the word CONDOM anyway?

Julie (It is.) said...

I am so confused about yogurt, now.

Miss Chris said...

Thought condom too and was waiting for a post about you newest Korean conquest! Broncos are doing fine except for when they play my KC Chiefs! :)

Julie (It is.) said...

A big raspberry to Miss Chris' Chiefs...