Monday, October 27, 2008


Today was one of those hard days. I actually told a class that I hate teaching them. I turned into some sort of monster that now, with hindsight, I don't even recognize myself. It was so ugly. I made them all write 20 sentences using most, more, -er and -est comparisons. No one got more than 12 right. So I failed, they failed, we all failed. And then this one girl was cheating off of someone else's homework, so I erased both of their workbooks and made one of them cry.

I'm going to my favorite coffee shop with my Bible study and Korean books. With any luck, tomorrow will come swiftly.

One side note... it's been 3 months as of today. I'm glad to be here, I really am. This is also my 100th post in this blog. Kind of proud that I update it on an almost daily basis. I wish I could say the same for some other culprits. :)


Miss Chris said...

Oh you are so bad!!

Miss Chris said...

As far as your day at work, it happens to the best of us. I called a kid an idiot my first year. i would have given anything to pull those words out of the air and stick them back ion my mouth where they should have stayed. In the end the thing that made it better was that I apologized, profusely and often. I think my willingness to own it was a novel thing for that kid from an adult. I am pretty sure he forgave me and I am certain I never said that to a student again. Forgive yourself and go back to those kids ready to try again and it will all be alright. Sorry to comment and run, but I have to go update my blog now!!

Ashleigh said...

It is okay to make kids cry- I have done this before you are not the only one! We all have bad days and some kids can be extra sensitive. So put a smile on the next few days and be extra caring!
Take care-