Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to square one.

So I was very excited about the handsome Korean who spoke German and paid for dinner. Past tense. Last night we met downtown, and after a walk through a park he took me to a DVD room. It's something the girls warned me about, but I thought, oh, that's impossible, this guy is different. He wasn't, and I'm pretty disappointed. I don't know where the great man from the night before went.

After the movie, all I wanted to do was go home, and after 10 minutes of looking for his (unknown-at-the-time) towed car, I said I was going to take a taxi. Out of nowhere, the guy from Sunday night reappeared, gave wonderful directions to the taxi driver and paid for the ride.

I wasn't really mad at him, I was mad at myself for making snap judgments (like that after 5 hours I know he isn't a creep), and mad that I didn't just slap him. That really would have made for a better blog story.

My cough hasn't improved, so I went to the doctor. No insurance, and an appointment, another shot, and a chest x-ray cost 16,500 won. ($12 or so) Seriously, I'm kind of pondering whether our doctors are overpaid and our standards for doctors are a bit high. Like, if we want everything screened for, then it should be our own expense. If we just want something treated quickly, then let it be cheap! Jeez. So I don't have pneumonia, just bronchitis, but there's some sort of infection, so I got to moon another Korean. The pharmacist lady knows me by name, now, and gave me a 25% discount off my drugs.

I really am incredibly well-cared for here.

The rest of today was spent pretty low-key. Coloring flash cards, eating donkaseu, eating galbi. That pretty much takes us to the point in time when I started this post. I'm going to go work on my Korean so I can stop obsessing. Since my blog was started as kind of a guide for others maybe interested in Korea, I thought I'd send out a cosmic warning to avoid DVD rooms with strange guys. They're loads of fun with friends though.


Julie (It is.) said...

He's probably swimming upstream, culturally. Bear that in mind.

Love you.


Tracy Paige said...

I'm missing something here. What did he do wrong? DVD room? I'm a confused american.

James H. said...

Me too. I'm lost on the DVD room thing and can only picture a RedBox DVD stand at McDonald's with four walls???

Miss Chris said...

I'm not lost... movie, dark room, handsome Korean turns out to be uncontrollably horny like all other men. Sorry hon, wish this one would have been different like you thought