Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I just had an epiphany! Did I get any on you?

A while ago, I was reading in one of Paulo Coelho's books, and it said something that stuck with me, something that helped emphasize the story of the Talents in the New Testament. We are given talents, but some of us are afraid to actually develop them or to take the talent past a point of comfort and into greatness.

I read that and I thought about the things I've wasted. I had wonderful intonation at the bassoon, and reading music came easily to me, but I was lazy. Math and science weren't necessarily weak points, but instead of applying myself, I skated (sorry mom, dad). When it came to languages, I kept it up for as long as it was fun.

I am talking with Tosha right now, and it dawns on me. This is a second (third, fourth, eightieth) opportunity. I am in Korea, the best possible circumstance to learning a foreign language! It's time to stop being lazy and to make time to apply myself and learn the language thoroughly. So, no more copying sentences down just because I like writing the characters. It's time to understand how to say the sentences and what they mean, too. Hooray!


Julie (It is.) said...

Great. Now I have epiphany ALL OVER MY NEW SHOES.

Ashleigh said...

Yeah for you! YOU GO GIRL!~

Shanners said...

Good luck learning that language! :)