Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Facebook Lessons

I am sitting in the almost-dark, contemplating. This doesn't mean I'm feeling particularly deep, just that I have laundry to put away that I'm just too lazy to move from the rack to hangers. So, in this seemingly common bout of laziness, I log into Facebook to post a heart-felt thank you to Ashleigh for the as-of-yet unopened box sitting in my entryway, because I send out thank yous about 3 months late, and I see that our high school friend Patti is on.

In a lightning bolt heartbeat, I am overwhelmed by how blessed my life is. Often times, I do what I shouldn't--compare my life to others and end up depressed about how much better so-and-so's life seems to be going. The clarity that showered down upon me brought me to tears as I understood a fraction of Patti's strength and dedication to God. I don't know what I am at liberty to share, but the most painful thing seems to be public: her daughter was born maybe 6 weeks ago with cystic fibrosis, a disease that doesn't have very good statistics for living past 30. In addition to that, her army husband is being transferred to Georgia--even further away from her family. In the midst of these preparations and dilemmas, she took time out of her schedule to counsel me and to help me rally my faith.

Meanwhile, I'm living in an apartment provided by my employer (with a washing machine, no less) with parents (hi mom and dad!) and friends (hi Ashleigh, Tamara, and Tracy!) who send me packages. Instead of holding my breath, waiting for the bubble to burst, I choose to let it out slowly and enjoy this moment. For the first time I understand the whole "being happy with where you're at" thing. This post is kind of fluffy and pointless, but it serves the purpose of marking a happy time in my life that I can look back to and remember when things are less simple.

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